About PitPoint

PitPoint for available affordable clean fuels

CNG Net and LNG 24 joined forces on 1 January 2016 to create PitPoint, the largest Biomethane (CNG) and LNG supplier in the Netherlands. PitPoint also provides other clean fuels such as hydrogen fuel and the electric charging infrastructure. For companies, authorities and private consumers. We want to drive and we want cleaner air! How? Through innovation. By producing and making available different cleaner fuels that will ultimately be nature pure and simple.

PitPoint keeps investing in the production of Biomethane, will be expanding its international and national network of Biomethane (CNG) and LNG fuel stations further in 2016 and will build new hydrogen fuel stations.

PitPoint ensures a problem-free transition to clean fuel technology by linking all mobility aspects. PitPoint provides excellent services to ensure its customers can refuel clean fuel quickly! All former CNG Net and LNG24 fuel stations will be renovated to the new PitPoint corporate identity as of January 2016.

PitPoint history

CNG Net was established in August 2007. This Ballast Nedam subsidiary company was started to make CNG/Biomethane available as vehicle fuel by building and operating clean fuel stations at as many locations as possible. In March 2011, Ballast Nedam started another subsidiary company, LNG24, which focussed on making LNG available to trucks and vessels. In June 2014, the activities of both companies were merged into a single company that designs, builds, maintains and finances CNG/Biomethane and LNG fuel stations. In September 2014, the company was purchased by Bencis Capital Partners and the European Clean Fuel Company was established. As of 1 January 2016, the European Clean Fuel Company will have launched PitPoint clean fuels, a company that focuses on making CNG, LNG, electricity and hydrogen fuel available for mobility purposes.


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