Driven by nature

We want to drive and we want cleaner air! Is it possible to attain both goals? YES! Through innovation. By producing cleaner fuels and making these available. PitPoint, therefore, invests in the production of Biomethane, opens new fuel stations for Biomethane/CNG and LNG, installs and maintains charging points and will start to install hydrogen fuel stations. We are driven by nature to move forward.


PitPoint is the main sponsor of Forze, the hydrogen racing team of TU Delft.

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The number of clean fuel refuelling locations is continuously growing. We have, therefore, developed an app for you!

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PitPoint provides clean fuels such as CNG, LNG, hydrogen fuel and infrastructure for electric charging . Please contact us for any questions about clean fuels.

Clean transport in 2030

That is our goal. We believe it is possible. We want to attain this goal by making clean fuel available at competitive prices. These fuel types are cleaner than traditional fuel. This requires continuous innovation.

That is the essence of PitPoint: innovative cooperation with all stakeholders for clean transport. A lot of work needs to be done to ensure we use clean fuel by 2030 but we are on the right track.

Clean fuels

PitPoint’s core business is the production and sale of clean fuel. We have our own fuel station network for Biomethane/CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). The emission of both fuels in terms of particulate matter, NOx and CO2 is much lower than that of petrol but especially that of diesel. These ‘clean fuels’ contribute towards improved air quality and, therefore, to our general health.

We continuously expand our fuel station network in Europe where we can supply our products (cost-)efficiently, quickly and cleanly! We supply both to businesses and end consumers. We also invest in hydrogen fuel stations and the electric car charging point infrastructure.

PitPoint clean fuels

Clean vehicles

The supply of clean fuel is only useful if there are vehicles and vessels that can use it to drive or sail. We work with car manufacturers, municipalities, ferries and other stakeholders such as the Lung Foundation Netherlands. The list of partners that support our clean transport mission is long. It gets longer every month.

Passenger and company vehicles, trucks, lorries, buses, coaches and vessels can use PitPoint clean fuels. It is an inexpensive and conscious choice. Not only will the environment benefit if you run on Biomethane/CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), but transport costs will also decrease.

PitPoint clean vehicles

PitPoint pro

Wants to make cleaner transport possible. Not only by producing clean fuels but also by supplying clean fuels as (cost-)efficiently as possible. We supply to both businesses and end consumers. PitPoint PRO ensures the best possible service for consumers!

PitPoint PRO ensures professional project management, design, installation and maintenance of the complete clean fuel station infrastructure. For both CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). We supply to bus companies, taxi services, waste-collection services and ferry services to name but a few examples. We monitor the fuel stations throughout the year, 24 hours a day from our central control room to be able to act in case of problems and customer questions.


PitPoint PRO

Blog: Enable the import of biomethane in Europe

By PitPoint CEO, Erik Kemink

13 February 2018

The European Parliament recently approved a new policy on biofuels. This should provide plenty of opportunities for us to expand our European network of clean fuel stations. But rather than used cooking oil why not enable the import of biomethane in Europe?

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